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Land owners, whether they are mobile home park owners or lot owners in trailer estates, often face the issue of abandoned mobile homes.  A mobile home abandonment can result from moving, death, incarceration, or bad faith on the part of the mobile home owner.

Nevada law has very specific statutes for mobile homes abandoned in parks.  Parks can, for instance, begin liening the mobile homes for back rent and then hold a public sale.  However the law is murky with regard to mobile homes left on private lots, especially if there was no lease.

Many times lot owners need to gain title to the mobile home to either sell or tear down.  However, it is possible to find mobile home movers that can remove an abandoned trailer to a commercial storage lot an lien it.  It is very difficult to find movers at this time and the more efficient way may be to hire legal counsel to work toward gaining title.

Another method for obtaining title to an abandoned mobile home is to wait for the personal property taxes to get to the point that the government will hold an auction.  At the auction, the beginning bid will include the back taxes and auction fees.  A person can purchase a mobile home for a few hundred dollars at such auctions.  Of course, it is a waiting game.

If taxes are kept current on the mobile homes, then court intervention may be the only way to have the trailer house removed from the property. 

Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes.  We work to solve title issues on manufactured housing law firm in Clark County.

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