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Mobile home estates in Clark County are residential neighborhoods where individuals own their own lots and can either own the mobile homes on them or rent out the lots for others to install their homes on.  Mobile home estates are, for this reason, not the same as mobile home parks.  Parks are tracts of land subdivided into lots, but all of the lots are owned by a single owner but rented out to individuals.


Mobile home estates are typically neighborhoods.  Some of them are senior, or retirement, communities with age restrictions of the inhabitants.  Other estates are family oriented.  Below, we have constituted a partial lists of mobile home estates in Clark County Nevada:


á      Sunrise Trailer Estates

á      Meikle Manor

á      Regency Village

á      Desert Inn Mobile Home Estates

á      Jade Park

á      Bluebird Estates

á      Rose Garden Estates

á      Decatur Gardens

á      Royal Ridge Mobile Home

á      Greenridge

á      Bunch

á      Royal Estates

á      Walnut Estates

á      Sunrise Sub #3

á      Holiday Park



Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes. 

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