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NRS 115.005  Definitions.  As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

      1.  ÒEquityÓ means the amount that is determined by subtracting from the fair market value of the property the value of any liens excepted from the homestead exemption pursuant to subsection 3 of NRS 115.010 or NRS 115.090.

      2.  ÒHomesteadÓ means the property consisting of:

      (a) A quantity of land, together with the dwelling house thereon and its appurtenances;

      (b) A mobile home whether or not the underlying land is owned by the claimant; or

      (c) A unit, whether real or personal property, existing pursuant to chapter 116 or 117 of NRS, with any appurtenant limited common elements and its interest in the common elements of the common-interest community,

to be selected by the husband and wife, or either of them, or a single person claiming the homestead.

      (Added to NRS by 1989, 646; A 1991, 579; 2003, 879)

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