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When a person dies owning a mobile home, the mobile home may be treated as either real or personal property depending on whether it became affixed to the land.  The value of the overall estate will determine the extensiveness of the probate proceedings.  We work with the probate lawyers at Reed Mansfield.


Many times an elderly family member moved to the better climate of Las Vegas and purchased a mobile home.  When this person dies, the heirs in other states find it difficult to effectively dispose of the property.  Many times the mobile home and contents may not even be worth a trip to Las Vegas.  The bright side is, it is Las Vegas.  We have assisted executors negotiate with mobile home parks and dispose of mobile homes before rents and other expenses eat up the estate. 


An executor has to consider whether there was a will granting the mobile home to someone.  If there is no will, then the probate court may have to ultimately order the transfer of title to someone else.


Heirs or executors should consider additional costs when mobile homes are part of the estate.  Because the mobile home must be disconnected and hooked up to utilities by licensed contractors, and a mobile home has to have a moving permit, it can cost several thousand dollars to move a mobile home from one park to another and unless the home is newer than fifteen years old it probably would not be economical to move.  Furthermore,  if you plan to sell the mobile home in a park, the park must approve your prospective buyers because they will become the parkÕs tenants. etc.


Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes. 

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