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As a landlord, you may find yourself renting to tenants in any of the following manners:


á      Landlord owns lot and trailer, renting both as a package deal

á      Landlord owns lot only, tenant supplies their own trailer

á      Landlord rents lot from someone else, places trailer on lot, and rents lot out to a third party


Depending on the arrangement, different laws are implicated.  For instance, renting lots to individuals for parking their mobile homes requires different time periods for eviction than does renting out the lot and trailer as a unit.


Landlords may also enter into different types of leases with tenants, including month to month, semi-annual, annual, or bi-annual. 


Landlords should ensure that their lease agreements comply with the law and that they understand tenantÕs rights as well as their own rights.  We can assist with this.


Landlords that are entities, such as LLCs or corporations, must have legal representation in court.  Operating and holding entities are great ways to limit liability, however, one of the costs is that only attorneys may represent them, even in landlord/tenant court. 





If you believe a landlord has violated your rights, call us to schedule a $100 half hour consultation.  It is important to bring all documents related to the lease to the consultation.


Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes. 

Call us to assist with your mobile home title concerns regarding mobile homes, modular homes, manufacture homes, trailers, trailer parks, and trailer estates.





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