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A salesman is employed by a manufactured home, mobile home or commercial coach dealer or rebuilder, to sell or exchange manufactured homes, mobile homes or commercial coaches.

 N.R.S 489.137 ÒSalespersonÓ defined ÒSalespersonÓ means any person employed by a dealer or distributor under any form of contract or arrangement to sell, distribute, rent, lease, exchange or buy, or offer for sale, distribution, rental, lease or exchange, an interest in a manufactured home, mobile home, manufactured building or commercial coach or factory-built housing to any person, and who receives or expects to receive a commission, fee or any other consideration from his or her employer.


Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes. 

Call us to assist with your mobile home title concerns regarding mobile homes, modular homes, manufacture homes, trailers, trailer parks, and trailer estates.





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