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This information provided by the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division Website


Any person who sells, installs or repairs a mobile home in the State of Nevada must be licensed by the Manufactured Housing Division. For your protection, it is recommended that you only do business with individuals and businesses that have a current Manufactured Housing Division license. If you conduct business with an unlicensed individual or business and have a problem, the Division may not be able to help you resolve your complaint. 


There are three kinds of sellers of manufactured homes: manufactured home dealers, private manufactured home owners and some real estate brokers. Manufactured home dealers may sell new or used mobile homes. The Manufactured Housing Division must license the dealers and the sales people working for them. When buying a home from a manufactured home dealer, you should: 

¥   Compare prices with other dealers in the area. Remember, the lowest price isn't always the best deal.

¥   Call the Manufactured Housing Division, Better Business Bureau and/or Bureau of Consumer Affairs to check for complaints against the dealer.

¥   Watch out for high pressure sales techniques. You should feel comfortable about going home and "thinking it over." Do not give in to pressure to "sign now before it's too late."

¥   Ask questions. Sales people should be willing to answer your questions. They should explain the pros and cons of the models they sell and be able to answer questions about the basic structure of the home (floor, roof, insulation) as well as finishing touches (carpet, lighting).

¥   Consider the warranty on the home. New manufactured home warranties are good for at least one year from the date the home is delivered. 

¥   Insist that ALL the pertinent blanks on the contract are filled out BEFORE signing the document.

¥   After signing a contract, or any other document, insist on a copy of the document as it is at the time of signing.

¥   If you don't understand the contract, you may wish to consult a lawyer.

¥   Manufactured home owners do not have to be licensed to sell the the homes they are living in. If you buy a manufactured home from its owner, be sure the entire agreement between you and the seller is in writing. If you don't understand the agreement, you may wish to consult a lawyer.  
Real estate brokers are limited to selling USED homes along with the land on which those homes are located.


Since manufactured homes are constructed in one area and shipped to another, there are several things you should check before buying a home. 

¥   Federal standards require that all new manufactured homes sold in Nevada meet the "Zone III" climate requirements.

¥   Be sure to explain to the sales representative your exact needs in a home.  This should include the size of the home, the appliances you want and the amount of money you are intending to spend.

¥   Manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and price ranges.  Have your retailer show you several models that will give you an idea of the type of homes he sells.

¥   Inspect your manufactured home before you accept it from the dealer.  Be sure your contract lists all the defects noted during the final walk-through inspection and you and your dealer or his representative sign it. This helps to avoid arguments and complaints later. 


THE SALES AGREEMENT YOU MAKE WITH A MANUFACTURED HOME DEALER IS A VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT.  The State of Nevada requires a specific sales agreement form be used in ALL manufactured home transactions.  These forms are available for review on this Web Site under "Forms" and Contracts.  Any promises that the dealer makes should be expressed in writing in this document.  If you have any questions about the forms being used please contact the Division at the addresses or numbers listed at the bottom of the 'Home Page'.  Remember, oral agreements can not be proven. Before signing a contract, be sure you take time to read the agreement and that you understand everything it says. Also: 

¥   Make sure the contract has no blank spaces.

¥   Make sure that any changes are made on the contract before it's signed, and that everyone has initialed these changes.

¥   Make sure that your copy of the contract is the same as the dealers.

¥   Get a receipt for any money you give the dealer towards the deposit on your home.

¥   All manufactured homes in Nevada are "titled" with the Manufactured Housing Division. Your contract should state whether the title of the home is "free and clear", or if liens, such as a mortgage, exist against it.

¥   If you don't understand the contract, you may wish to consult a lawyer.


The Nevada Legislature, in an effort to protect the home occupants and the home, has determined any home which has been moved to a new location is required to undergo a safety inspection.  No one is allowed to live in a manufactured home until it has passed an inspection and a safety seal has been issued.  The Manufactured Housing Division, or it's representatives in local building and safety departments perform inspections.


When you buy a new manufactured home, you must be provided with the manufacturer's written warranty. If you have problems with your home, you need to: 

¥   Read your warranty.

¥   Immediately send a detailed account of the problems to the dealer and manufacturer. Ask that a repair person be sent as soon as possible.

¥   If your first request isn't answered, write again. State that you wrote before and received no reply. Set a deadline for a response.

¥   When a repair person is sent, be at home and don't sign the work order unless you are satisfied with the repairs made.

¥   If you still don't receive a response, contact the Manufactured Housing Division.

¥   Keep copies of all correspondence.

¥   Make sure that anyone you hire to perform repairs on your home is licensed by the Manufactured Housing Division.

¥   It is not the responsibility of the dealer or the manufacturer to repair damage caused by normal wear and tear.


Local zoning laws determine where a manufactured home can be placed. You should check with your local building department for this information before you purchase and/or set your home. 


If your home is going to be placed in a manufactured home park, make sure you have a lease agreement with the park manager and that you know the park's rules and regulations. Remember: a manufactured home dealer can't promise that you'll be accepted as a tenant in a particular manufactured home park. You must apply for the lease yourself and should do so before finalizing the purchase of your home. 


Few lawyers in Nevada handle issues related to mobile homes. 

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